The Next Generation
“I love working with racers - it’s a mindset thing. And, frankly, an International Kart circuit like Whilton Mill is probably the best motorsport ‘gym’ in the racing World. At an open test day like today, the track is, literally, swarming with the best of Britain’s upcoming young racing talent - all weaving, ducking, bobbing and slicing each other up, as they shoot for a hundredths of a second advantage in a cut-throat frenzy that plays out over twelve or fifteen minutes. Mechanised madness. Show an ounce weakness here, and your Arai will be criss-crossed with tyre rubber in no time at all. No country for old men.”

Don’t make the mistake of thinking ‘Junior’ - that ‘Junior’ has probably done more racing laps in a Bambino and Cadet Kart than you will do in your entire life, and if you were out on track with them, they would disappear off up the road so fast, it would make your head spin.

I have a new young protege join the ‘stable’ - a quietly spoke young man with a certain steely determination that inspires me to want to work with him. Time will tell, but I think the times will be FAST times.