In 1979, as a flying-mad teenager, I spent a weekend at Biggin Hill, going through aircrew selection to fly Sea Harriers for the Fleet Air Arm.

I felt like an Ace amongst Aces passing my Pilot's Co-ordination and Pilot's Maths, along with Navigator's Coordination - but failed Navigator's Maths by 3%. I was advised to re-apply a year later - but decided to go motor racing instead.

My love of aviation never went away - in-fact it grew stronger over the years.

Today I have ratings for four different helicopter 'types' - and three 'fixed wing'. I also hold a helicopter 'Night Rating', and am on course to qualify for my professional drone pilot's licence, so able to undertake commercial filming projects from January onwards.

I have hundreds of flying hours logged in all kinds of aircraft, all over the World. In Los Angeles I flew a Bell Jet Ranger for the traffic reporter for KISS FM; from Majorca I delivered an R44 helicopter to the UK, crossing the Pyrenees in the process. I've completed two Robinson factory safety courses, a mountain flying training - in short, 'I fly, and I know things'.



"I used Steve's services a few years ago when having to present in New York at a senior managers meeting while at my previous employer. I had a lot riding on this, as I was up for promotion that year and was told that this presentation would give me a lot of exposure to the senior managers who would ultimately be deciding if I was to be promoted or not. Steve's teachings/methods helped me feel at ease and comfortable in that situation (a situation that was not familiar to me) and present with confidence, keep their interest/attention and deal with difficult questions when they arose. This was a turning point in my career and thanks to Steve's help, the presentation went very well, I got promoted and it lead to bigger and better things for me, so I would highly recommend working with him at pivotal points in your career."

TD Securities - Head of Global Business Management (Europe)
Business Manager - Europe Fixed Income Sales Trading DCM