The Airborne Cavalry
The Airborne Cavalry
The Airborne Cavalry
The Airborne Cavalry
“Today, for the first time in over a year, I got the chance to soar again, in a beautiful little Vans RV7 owned by good friend JT, my neighbour and a massively experienced long haul pilot.”

I am so enormously grateful to him for the opportunity - I’ve been aviating since 1998, and I adore everything to do with flight. When the govt. closed my business in March 2020, I really wondered how I would ever get out onto the horizon again, it looked like the adventure was over. I bought an ultralight drone, and started working on my ‘CofC’ certificate so I could use it in a professional capacity.

It’s fun, it’s useful - and it’s challenging. But it’s a drone. It’s not a fraction as good as the real thing. Same as a sim. Genius, but I grew up in the real World. The virtual World belongs to Generation Z. They can keep it; I still need to do ‘real’ things.

In 1998, I qualified as a helicopter pilots. I have type ratings for four different types of helicopter, a night rating, and four hundred hours. I’ve flown around the World, across the sea, and I’ve landed on the roof of the LA Times.

In 2013, I qualified as a fixed wing pilot in a Piper PA28 Warrior. I went on to add a ‘taildragger’ qualification in Piper J41 Cub, ex-Pearl Harbor, then in 2019, a Grunnam AA-5 rating.

Flying is like racing - or riding a motorcycle. I live for this stuff.

Days like today are truly ‘the essence’

Thank you Jonny 👌