Game on.
“I’m acutely aware that time is short. Coming out of 2020, with all that’s happened, Or NOT happened. I am absolutely ready to engage. Ready to get back in the ring. The 911 is nearly complete, Phil just needs to run her up on the dyno, get his KJet technician to work his magic, then we can head South. Classic Performance Engineering, a set-up and a test programme. Of course I am  massively downplaying the task that lies ahead, but it’s time to finish what I - we - started. The ‘comeback tour’.”

The plan is to contest the final three HSCC races of this year’s championship. Starting with the Oulton Park Gold Cup at the end of August, moving on to Mallory Park, then finishing with Silverstone, for the Final’s meeting. And, frankly, the plan is to race with the expert support of Classic Performance Engineering. NOT run the car myself. Moving to Stratford-upon-Avon, downsizing, and the government close down of my business in 2020, meant the selling off of my motorhome and specialist tools to run the race car. Besides which, I’d rather just race. Like when I did it ‘for real’. First time around. When Miami Vice was on TV - and Duran Duran were in the pop charts. A long time ago.

No question, time is running out. The insane lockdown 14 months has come at a cost - I haven’t been in a kart for two years - in fact haven’t been on a racetrack in all that time. Apart from during filming for Nissan, in Spain. Hardly a test session. Although finally allowed back in the gym, my running programme has been compromised by a severe groin strain injury. I’m not in peak physical shape - and I’m too heavy. I’m working at both, but I deal in reality.

Fortunately I’m in powerful shape mentally, perhaps the best ever. I feel really confident in myself, and ready to take on the challenge. But as my age is stripping me of a degree of physical strength; I need to learn to compensate by applying increased intelligence to the task.

In short, I’m mindful that, the clock IS ticking. I cannot wait any longer. It needs to be THIS season. It’s my time. Let’s get the party started.