Coaching 2021
Coaching 2021
““You can tell Steve has a passion for coaching and helping to take people to the next level in racing. I spent a day with him at Whilton Mill learning the fundamentals of racing a kart and I progressed more that day than I ever have. It was not only a huge amount of fun, but the skills Steve taught me were invaluable and something I’d never have picked up alone. He’s a pleasure to work with and a first-class coach.””

It’s proving an interesting year, 2021. Back to my roots, I’m getting deeper into the business of performance gains through focussing the mind. What is fascinating to me is that I can bring the stuff we do on the race track into everyday life for all of my delegates - wether on the racetrack or in the boardroom. Because the fundamentals are EXACTLY the same.

Mindset is crucial. it’s a - the - differentiator in everything we do. I’m not sure first time round I fully appreciated that. I had a brilliant coach and mentor in John Pratt, one of the fastest racers I have ever know, but in the last twenty years since, I have learned a lot of hard life lessons. I’m still learning. Thank God.

Certainly we have better tools in 2021 than we had back in my day - VBOX tracks every move a driver makes, frame by frame, literally. But despite this, the brain - specifically your perspective - offers the greatest upside potential for gain. 

How so?

Simple. If you very badly want to do something, you had better make sure that you believe that you can do that thing. Until you actually - and genuinely - believe you can; you cannot. Well, maybe you can, to a degree, but if that thing is complex and massively difficult to execute well - like driving on the absolute limit, you are going to require that every ounce of your personna believes it is possible. A few percent doubt will ensure that you cannot achieve your best possible performance. And you will ALWAYS be beaten by people who DO believe they have the capability - and capacity.

So, how do we do this? For most people, me included, this is one of the biggest challenges we ever face. Because, we have spent a lifetime being conditioned otherwise. From the earliest awareness our parents said ‘be careful’, (maybe, understandably … ), not ‘push your boundaries’, on a daily basis.

And that is what we did. We were careful. And fearful. And we didn’t like being vulnerable. So we co-opted strategies to keep us safe. And they were the very antithesis of freedom; in fact, by adulthood, many of us had lost all sense of freedom, and with it, playfulness. And on the rare occasion we felt ‘freedom’ - by whatever means - it was a feeling so powerful that it was intoxicating. That is probably why those of us who race - fly - ride motorcycles - play with bands, etc., do so. The feeling of exhilaration - being out of our comfort zone - equatates to freedom.

When I started out, the ‘rebel co’ which became ‘rebel@’ - I thought - meant ‘rebel against mediocrity’ - now I know it means ‘rebel against living a joyless life’.

And ‘Present to Win’ which implied making winning presentations, REALLY means:

You have to be PRESENT to win.

In the moment.

Loving it.


PS: Testimonial from Rob Abuaita - I spent Wednesday with him at the racetrack, this, is why I, we, do what we do 👌