Present To Win


I am proud to offer my Present To Win course for anybody committed to improving their presenting and communication skills.
Steve Deeks Chris Hoy
Pulling together the presenting and marketing skills I developed to secure the sponsorship deals that funded my 17 year race career, Present To Win de-mystifies the art of public speaking, and provides tools and techniques to make the task much less stressful.

My course focuses on empowerment.  I work to overcome the negativity and limitations that people impose on themselves, effectively turning these weaknesses into a positive energy.  Delegates completing my course will see a marked improvement in the way they present themselves and communicate.

I offer Present To Win to switched-on organisations and individuals, and I tailor it to meet all needs and objectives.  I also specialise in training brand development, sales, team building and motivation.

Present To Win can be integrated with all of these, as required.
Course content includes:
• Body language and physicality
• Vocal projection, modulation and tone
• Delivery style and pace
• Engaging and holding an audience
• Overcoming nerves and self-doubt
• Structuring a presentation
• The language of success
• Handling objections
• The importance of congruity
• Dealing with sensitive issues
• Interview technique and media



Launched in 2018, and developed to service the needs of my automotive manufacturer clients, Dealers Choice is a programme designed to coach every member of an automotive dealership - in every aspect of running a winning operation. Following the customer journey, Dealers Choice will have a direct impact on sales and satisfaction ratios. It’s what Present to Win was built to do - sculpt champions.


An increasingly important element in my portfolio is One on One. Executive coaching has always been on my agenda, indeed on many occasions I have been called in to a prepare a CEO for a critical presentation, but In 2009, after numerous requests, I opened up my Northamptonshire home studio to offer ‘one on one’ personal presenting and communication skills training in one-hour blocks, (or multiples thereof)

The studio in Northampton is always set-up and ready for rehearsal, for clients who want a fast track to excellence, this is the way forward. Equally I can effortlessly take my studio on the road - training can be at your company HQ, in the calm of your own boardroom. Your call - I await the brief

Whether your need is to make a keynote presentation at an International Conference or simply make a dynamic best man’s speech – my ‘Present to Win’ method is, for the first time, available in one hour blocks, bookable around my busy event calendar, with selected evenings available through to 10PM.

Email me your personal requirements for my personal call back.